May 23, 2008


This review is sponsored by Backgammon.
How I wrote later Backgammonmaster is backgammon and
blackjack site. And now they are on high alert, with all IT world together. All this is because of one man, who take Moroccan Prince, Moulay Rachid name as Facebook account name. There realy so much guys (often <20>

One guy, without brain, is looking for forum, blog, social network account name, he is breaking his head with one question: "What the ****ing name I should take to be cool?". He is serfing Internet, or watching TV and YES here it is. "I can take the name of "X", he is cool and I will be so".

It seems very easy for user to take this name, but they are not thinking about problems which they can do for themselves and for IT company which providing service for them. You are really can be a prisoner with such jokes, so be careful and take some 10-15 minutes to do naming for yourself. If it isn't necessary for you, just think about problems which company have from you jokes. It is very big price for just account name.

So, however you can play blackjack on Gammonish Dot Com, which I really like. Think about this post guys, we don't live twice. So we must do things wisely everywhere and everytime.

April 27, 2008

One more about backgammon

So, I think i should add some additional information about Backgammon Online.
I probably never shall stop to speaking about this site team, but about it I can't not to write.
Let's look as there is realized blackjack.
BackgammonMasters plan to test their new BlackJack platform and Basic Blackjack Calculator. With the recent release of the Hollywood Movie “21” starring Kevin Spacey based on the book “Bringing Down the House” by Ben Mezrich, Backgammon masters just realized a very good idea on their site... What is this? You must see it by your own eyes so no more words :-)
In additives to it BackgammonMasters is also inviting all Blackjack enthusiasts to test the system by offering Tell a Friend Bonuses for teams of players who invite their friends to the tables. Maybe I shall try, too? It seems very interesting.
Sometimes I amaze, how much unique ways ideas are come in our head. The main thing, that people are not afraid to realize them and go up to the end, as a result doing such remarkable things. They do not stop surprise us, simple players.
And there some sponsored links, so you can play blackjack on Backgammon masters and blackjack on Gammonish.

Creative gambling

This review is sponsored by Backgammon online
Giants of the industry of gamblings on the Internet surprise last time the creative approach to the work more and more. One of remarkable examples - Backgammonmasters Dot Com. They starting very interesting series of tournaments with the own Guinness records book and with attraction of the famous world players. Last time this site is growing rapidly so I recommend it :-)
All their startup's they are hold on very high level, I think i should just quote their press release:
"In the tournament, 2 well-known world backgammon champions will play a full match on the huge acre-sized field using a helicopter to toss the dice and a staff to move the checkers communicating with walkie talkies. The size of checkers to be used is 3 feet in diameter. The winner will get to keep the dice which are valued at 1,000 Euro. The backgammon dice are custom made out of a special inflatable material to withstand the impact of the fall."
Good job, guys:-)
Meanwhile, all that they say - they do. I wrote earlier about it Customer Live Support and already now it at the highest level. The big future seems to me in this direction of online gambling, and with such talented team providing it to us. So hurry up to take part in tournament:-) By the way there still remarkable poker, also as well as poker on Gammonish Dot Com.